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  1. To register, go to SIGN UP and fill the registration form.
    You will get an email confirmation, confirm your email then you can sign in to VFaces.


  • After registering with your email, sign in at to start using VFaces. 
    1. Sign in using the same email you used for registration at (this email is used as the administrator).
    2. Create “Working Time Group” and manually select the working hours in case there are many working shifts. But if your working hours is like any other offices, you can skip this part and start using. You can see the reports in Daily Report.
    3. To enroll a new person, go to People > Enrollment (Add Person).
    4. If there is a camera notification from Google Chrome browser, click “Allow Wed Camera”.
    5. Take snapshots of the person you are creating a new user for, the number of snapshots taken is the same number that has been set. Then fill in the details such as names, surnames, or group if there is any. Click Save and then wait for the snapshots to be uploaded. The system will check with the database whether you have enrolled or not. If the photos look the same, you won’t be able to save. If this happens, it means you have already enrolled before.
    6. The video below is the example of how to enroll.

  • The administrator can create new users which are categorized into 5 levels.
    Go to User Settings and create users for these functionalities below:

    1. User level 1 :  signing in using Google Chrome, this level is for standing by in the Home page with the web cam switched on, waiting for other people to have their faces scanned only. 
      Suitable for facial scanning only, other functions are not available. This is to prevent unauthorized customization settings.
    2. User level 2 : signing in using Google Chrome, this level has access to view the data from many menus, (with functionalities of the previous level.)
    3. User level 3 : signing in using Google Chrome, this level can be used for enrolling people, (with functionalities of the previous levels.)
    4. User level 4 : signing in using Google Chrome, this level can create a new group with specific working hours, (with functionalities of the previous levels.)
    5. User level 5 : signing in using Google Chrome, this level can edit the log report in case there are employees go to work outside the office.
      This is normally given to the human resources department or head of a team to edit and state the reason of absence (with functionalities of the previous levels.)
    6. Enrollment User : this is for people who enrolled with VFaces (people > add) The user will be created automatically after the enrollment, this is for mobile application where you can check your time attendance history.
    7.  To view details of functionalities in each level, click here.

  • I need to install this to the company’s server for organizational usage.
    A : Use “On Premise Solution”. This is to install the software to the computers with windows application that works faster than in Google Chrome. You can find the details in the link below.

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